The Guide for a 14-day Itinerary to Morocco. Visiting the chaotic market in Marrakech, exploring the Sahara Desert, driving through the Atlas Mountains, the coast towns Agadir, Essaouira en Casablanca and the capital Rabat. Meeting the local people and their culture, discovering the local kitchen and enjoy the lovely nature.

Information Morocco

Location North Africa

Capital Rabat

Language Arabic and Berber

Currency Moroccan Dirham

Population 35.561.654 (2020)

Religion Muslim

Surface 446.550 km²

Djemaa el Fna Squarej

This is the square in the city center, this is a market where all the salesmen are selling their products. There are beautiful Moroccan shops and food-trucks, but also begging people and people with snakes and monkeys, I personally do not like it. Especially because they almost give the monkey and when you touch you have to pay for it, otherwise they are getting mad. So do not make any eye contact with these people and just skip this part of the square. When you walk through the alleys there are beautiful shops, which is way nicer than at the square.

Jardin de Marjorelle

We went to Jardin de Marjorelle, which is a beautiful blue colored garden with a lot of cactuses from all over the world. It is pretty big and right in the center of the city and really worth a visit!

Bohia Palace

In Marrakesh, you will find The Bahia Palace, which is amazing with its beautiful architecture, gardens, and squares.

Normally, Casablanca is a touristic summer destination, but because we were here during the winter it was not busy at all. We walked to the boulevard and we have visited the Hassan II Mosque. This is the biggest mosque in the country and is listed in the top 7 biggest mosques of the World.

The mosque has been build over the sea and it is so big! Our guide was a Muslim and he told us about his faith and the mosque was beautiful! I love all the ornaments and colors!

In the capital of Morocco, we have visited The Royal Palace. Of course, we could not get inside, but only the gate was already beautiful and spectacular with all the guards. Then we visited the Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, these two are at the same square filled with pillars. It is a very touristic, but beautiful place!

In Meknes, we have visited the Kara Prison, which is an underground prison where is not much information to find about. All prisoners were at the same place, from murderers to thieves, and it is all open so the rumors go that there has happened some things…. but what? Nobody knows, and feeling is what you feel when you are down here.

And we have visited the Royal Stables. This used to be a courtyard but it has been destroyed. The remnants are visible and now it is an open place, where have stayed 15.000 horses.


Our guide led us through the narrow streets of Fez, without a guide you simply will get lost, that is guaranteed! We visited a market and we just walked around town to see the daily life of the locals, I really enjoyed that. Seeing all the little shops and see the people creating their stuff to sell, and the donkeys for transport, it is so different as at home.

Chouara Tannery

We visited the Chouara Tannery. When we arrived we got a leave of mint and we did not understand why. But when you get to the viewpoint you realize why, it smells really bad. Even your leave can not help it but it will reduce a bit. It is a nice view and special to see how this works. Later in the atelier, they will do a demonstration of how they make scarves, of course, you could buy them as well. Also, they showed us how to wear scarves in the culture.

The Sahara Desert was personally for me a highlight of the trip. We had to wake up pretty early, but it was definitely worth it! We got picked up by a 4×4 and we raced through the desert to our camp, where the tour started. When we arrived at the camp we had some tea with the locals and then we get to meet our camels. Aniek and I got 2 young aged camels who had to walk together so we could to the tour together. We went on the camels and walked to a place up the dunes for a nice view during sunrise. The ride to that place was great, such a special moment and such a beautiful place. The sunrise was amazing and so special, we were just staring at the horizon and enjoyed the moment. After that, we went back on the camels, made a little ride back to camp and I love it!

Todgha Gorge

On the road to Ouarzazate we stopped at the Todgha Gorge, it is again an amazing piece of nature. Morocco really surprised me!


The next stop is a Kasbah, we walked through the streets and got up the hill for an amazing view. These are the views what I would expect when I think about Morocco, with the red sand and the typical architecture. You notice right away that this is a touristic place, there are sellers everywhere.

On the road from one place to another, there are so many nice spots and viewing points, especially with the mountains in the background. We also stopped at an Argan Oil Factory, they showed us how they make it and it was very special to see how much work it costs. In the trees are growing a special kind of nut, the goats will get in the trees and eat those nuts. It is really funny to see al those goats in the tree.

We were here in February and the weather was not that great, in the mountains we had a lot of snow, and the mountains pass were almost closed. So we were very lucky that we got through. The views were amazing, we stopped multiple times to enjoy the special views with the snowy mountains.

Horse back riding at the beach

Beach town


Travel agency | Kras / TUI

Airline | Transavia

Vaccinations | GGD

Photography | Ilse van den Berg


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