The Guide for an unforgettable trip to The Outback of Australia. With Ayers Rock in Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Kakadu National Park, the Aboriginal culture, and sleeping under the stars.

We have a 3-day tour through the outback of Australia. We flew from Adelaide to Alice Springs and the tour guide will pick us up at the hostel in Alice Springs. Our first stop is Uluru, we have to drive a few hours before we are there. The next few nights we will sleep outside, right under the stars. Pretty scary, if you ask me. I do not like insects and I am really scared they will get in my sleeping bag … We always a bonfire to keep the animals away, but insects do not mind that … but I slept fine! One night we had rain and thunderstorms!

Because of the heat, you can not enter the entrances of the national parks after 11 AM. The best is to go pretty early so you will be back at the hottest time of the day. The hiking tracks of the national parks are mostly open, so there are not really shadow places to hide or something, so the mornings were really early.

On the way to Uluru we stopped at an Emu farm and on the way back to Alice Springs we stopped at a camel farm. This was really nice to get out of the bus and to stretch our legs. In my opinion, you can not miss the outback when you are in Australia! The aboriginals, the original inhabitants of Australia, has lived here and the nature is incredible and so different than the rest of Australia, it is just a must!

Uluru is the most famous spot of the Australian Outback, this is the well-known red-colored rock. We walked around the giant rock for a few hours and got some information about how the aboriginals lived back then and saw the rock from different positions. It is an amazing piece of nature and I enjoyed every minute of walking along the rock. After spending 8 weeks in Australia, we have seen the first snake! When I booked this trip I was so scared of the pests, but I only saw 1 giant spider and now this snake, so I do not complain.

It is so beautiful and so different than the other National Parks in Australia we have visited already. This is really the outback, with the heat and the red sand. We have to climb a lot, it is not a flat hike, but really worth it. The views are amazing, but sometimes we forget to look around because we are tired of walking.

When we drove back to the camp, we collected wood for the campfire tonight. At the campfire we all tried the didgeridoo, this is so difficult o my god!

I think I liked Kings Canyon the most. It was a really long hike, longer than the other ones, but so beautiful! So many amazing viewpoints and the green trees and bushes are coloring well with the red hills. Because it had rained the red hills were colored beautiful.


Airlines | Qantas

Travel agency | Kilroy

Tour operator | Way Outback

Photography | Ilse van den Berg


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