Lapland, the Ultimate Winter destination! An amazing experience with a Reindeer Sleigh Ride, a Husky Safari, the breathtaking Northern Lights, and a Snowmobile accident in the snowy and cold forest!

Rovaniemi City

Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus! So the Ultimate Lapland city if you do not ski, like my boyfriend and me. When we arrived at the hotel we went immediately for a walk to town and the river. We were surprised that it wasn’t that cold, but maybe that was because of all the layers we put on ;p

Reindeer Safari

Today we will meet a local shepherd on their Reindeer Farm for a sleigh ride through the white forest. Here we felt the Ultimate Lapland Experience already!

We had a private tour because we were the only ones. During the tour we had a breathtaking view, everything was just completely snowy. During the break, the reindeers could eat and we had time to take some pictures of the reindeers and the beautiful environment.

When we were back at the farm there was a hot drink waiting for us, the shepherds told us everything about their shepherd life and I could feed the reindeer as well!

Before our transfer came back to get us we had some time to walk around the property. It is a beautiful environment near a lake with a bridge. Because it was almost sunset time it was so nice to walk around with the amazing views.

Aurora Hunt

Lapland, everyone thinks about The Northern Light first, right?! We were so lucky we’ve seen it, and wow! It was amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, I just can not find the right words for it.

In the beginning, we couldn’t see it yet. Our tour guide, a photographer as well, took some photos and on the camera, we could see the Aurora. We were staring at the sky and waiting to see something, and then …. it started with a whitish glow and it became stronger and greener! It was constantly moving and because it was a clear night we saw the beautiful stars as well.

We were just staring at the sky for an hour, it was so unreal. Luckily I brought my camera and tripod, so we took a lot of pictures! I can not believe I’ve seen The Northern Lights! The nights before and after it wasn’t visible so we were very lucky! Because we have seen it, we can say that we have had the Ultimate Lapland Experience!

Snowmobile Safari

The next day we have a snowmobile safari scheduled, I was pretty nervous about it, especially because it took 4 hours. I was the co-driver, I didn’t dare to drive myself.

We took off slowly and we would go faster and faster. When we drove slowly I could enjoy the amazing views and then we got more power. The underground was not flat so I had the feeling I almost fall off and I said I do not want faster than this, but we only drove 60 km/h.

When we got to the lake, what was totally frozen, we had a break for photos and I could borrow some extra gloves because I did not felt my fingers anymore. The boys had heating in their steering wheel, but I was just sitting on the back. After our break they went really fast, the hardest we drove was 120 km/h !!! I was really scared, but I just held onto the snowmobile, and because the underground was flat it was not as bad as it was before.

When we came into the woods again it was a bumpy road and my boyfriend saw the people in front of us almost fell off so he would take the outside bend to comfort me, but because everything was white we couldn’t see the depth of the verge, so we crashed … !!

The snow was 1 meter deep there and I was stuck. My boyfriend noticed it immediately so he stopped the engine and that was the point that we were very lucky. Because of that, the snowmobile did not have the power to slide further and got stuck in the trees. My leg was stuck under the snowmobile and I panicked, luckily, I felt my leg was just underneath and not really stuck with an injury. The other people on the tour helped us out, but the snowmobile is pretty heavy so they needed all the manpower to get the snowmobile back on the road.

The road back to our start point was a hell of a half-hour, I was so scared. It was a nice experience, but I was very happy to get off. That night we went out for dinner really fancy to celebrate we were still alive and didn’t have a scar. A Snowmobile tour is a must for the Ultimate Lapland Experience!

Husky Safari

On our last day was my personal highlight scheduled, the Husky Safari! The perfect way to end your Lapland guide with an Ultimate Lapland Experience you also can not miss during this trip.

During our information briefing, there were dogs everywhere and they were so excited to play! After we met our dog team I settled up in the sleigh with my camera, my boyfriend was at the back and as a driver, he will help the dogs during the tour.

It was amazing! We were in the most beautiful environment and with those speeds through the forest and over the river, just wow! The dogs were so excited, and so was I! When we had a break the dogs couldn’t wait to run again, they were barking, jumping, and playing with each other.

It was the coldest day, and with those speeds in the cold, we were completely frozen. I had gloves and shoe heaters, and I was very happy with them! My hair, eyelashes, and scarf were totally frozen. But the amazing experience and beautiful views are totally worth it, and during a trip to Lapland, you just CAN NOT miss this activity!

Santa Claus Village

Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Clause, so we couldn’t miss a visit to his village. There are a lot of restaurants and shops and you can meet Santa Clause or write a letter to him in his post office!

Also here is the possibility to make a Reindeer sleigh ride, but you won’t go in the forest and that is the most special part of the ride. For kids, there are a lot of activities to do and it is nice to walk in the village, you won’t regret a visit!

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