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Hey you! Thank you for clicking on this page! This means you are interested in working together with me, I feel so honored. I have started this Travel Blog to tell the world about my travel experiences and to share my beautiful photos and tips.

Get to know me!

My name is Ilse van den Berg, I am 23 years old and I am born and raised in The Netherlands. I love to travel, I really like animals and I love to photograph.

Dutch is my mother language and I speak English very well. Also, I speak a bit of German and the basics of Spanish, which I am still learning!

In 2017 I graduated as an Interior Designer and after that, I went abroad for 3 months. I traveled to Australia and New Zealand, this was my first trip far away from home and without family or friends.

Since I was little my parents took me everywhere and at the age of 12, we went to the USA for the first time. My parents definitely gave me the Travel Fever and now I’ve traveled to 28 countries already! And I am not done with discovering the world yet. Personally, I like to pick a destination where not everyone is going to, without that mass tourism.  

My Personal Travel Bucketlist

  1. On a Safari in Africa 
  2. Discover the Chinese Culture in China
  3. A mix of culture & beaches in Mexico 
  4. The Wonderfull Nature in Canada
  5. The Middle East experience in Oman

But I am open to every destination, I really love to discover new countries and learning from different cultures. My Bucketlist is way much bigger than these 5 destinations, but I will spare you that!


If you are an organization that works with bloggers and you are interested in working with me, do not hesitate to contact me! As I told you I am open to every destination and I love discovering the world and telling everyone about it! I promote all my blog posts via my socials and I am especially active on Instagram.

Because I have just started I will add my Media Kit, blog traffic, and social media following later on, so stay tuned …!

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